Windows update not possible - Windows XP Pro



Found that BITS cannot start. Explored error 80246008 and
8007005 (register). Didn't solve the problem.
Restored system to a date when downloading was succesful.
Still no succes, believe BITS is still the problem, will
not start.
Reinstalled Windows XP, no improvement. Found on download
site BITS new version KB842773, downloaded and installed,
no error message. BITS still not able to start and not
able to downlaod from Windows Update site.
Because reinstallement of Windows XP many updates on the
site to install, can't get to it.
Have 3 additonal machines on LAN with XP, no problems



try turning on auto update the first time and then manually
update. should work. then turn off auto update because it's
a pain.

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