Windows update breaks zone alarm


John Doe

spodosaurus said:

For over one year, I have been struggling with a Zone Alarm problem
that sounds like what's described at your link. However, I wouldn't
describe it as a "Sudden Loss of Internet Access". In my experience,
it happens when connections are not actively being used. For
example. Instant messaging is always doing back-and-forth so it
never loses access. My browser does lose access if I haven't used it
for a while. I thought it had something to do with the Internet Lock
being removed from their free version but I tried the evaluation
version and the same problem occurred.

Like their recommendation, the workaround for me has been to reduce
the firewall to medium. I guess it's not the same, but maybe their
fix for that problem will fix my problem. It's always been more of
an annoyance, bad hackers have been unable to get through even
though they can see my computer.

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