Windows Server 2008 w/Exchange 2007 Authentication on Active Direc



We are setting up a new test LAN. These are brand new servers, and brand new
installations of OS, AD, and Exchange, as well as, we are setting up a test
DNS box for this test LAN.

The main problem we are facing is:

We install DNS on 1 box, then on another box we setup Active Directory with
the Domain. We then create an Admin user and assign that user all the rights
needed to administer the Exchange installation and management for Exchange.
(member of the domain admin and schema admin groups in AD)

However, it appears to be a permission issue, because when I try to run the
setup utility to install Exchange with the account we setup - it errors out
saying "Setup has encountered an error and has to close". But, if we use the
local Administrator account, we do not get that error, and it starts
installing, but fails at the prerequisite checks saying, "the account has to
be logged onto the domain." "Unable to contact the domain" and so on. I
have given the account we created on the domain full admin rights locally, as
well as at the domain level, and added to all the necessary groups, but we
still get the same issue.

Server specs:

Windows Server 2008 Enterprise (Exchange 2007), Dell 2950
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise (Active Directory), Dell 1950
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise (DNS, DHCP), Test Server

At this point, I was planning on re-installing both OS's (the exchange and
AD OS) and starting over.

Thanks for any help,


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