windows root system 32




I have a HP with a primary set up with windows 98 and had
xp installed last summer.

I was asked to restart the computer after Installing a
program. This message came up to reinstall <windows
root>\system 32\hal.dll.

I do not have a start up disk.



Michael Solomon \(MS-MVP Windows Shell/User\)

Without an XP CD, it's difficult to fix this problem. This problem is
usually caused by an invalid entry in the boot.ini file. Usually, either
the recovery console or a repair install is used to resolve this issue but
both require the XP CD.

How was XP installed on your system without a CD or, at least, without you
having the CD after installation?

Please define "primary setup with Windows 98." Do you mean XP was installed
on a separate partition and you had been dual booting or do you mean XP was
installed over Windows 98 and you had a single boot system which booted into

Depending upon the actual nature of your setup, this may be impossible to
resolve without an XP CD. The CD is bootable so if you meant by not having
a startup disk you don't have a boot floppy but do have the CD, then there
are solutions available but we need to know the answers to the questions
I've raised here.

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