Windows professional XP with SP1 and all fixes before SP2 won't update.


Mike Fisher

When I try to run windows update it hangs at this message and never
proceeds beyond it:-
"Checking for the latest version of the Windows Update software..."
A google on this and checking the group at
show all kinds of folk with this problem and no answers from MS.

This needs a fix issuing. It happened after the up date software itself
updated to V5 from V4. I suspect they created this for SP2 and just
figured it would work with earlier versions and in lots of cases it doesn't.

All advice greatly received.

Mike Fisher
(e-mail address removed)

Mike Fisher

No I hadn't Will, didn't find that one.
I'm going there now, thanks.
Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher

Will said:
Hi Mike

The top one is for use with OE - just click on it.

Thanks for pointing me to that group, Will. I found a fix and got it
installed as outlined here.

"I'm running SP2 at last, I hope this works for you.
I obtained a batch file from here
, search for the error 0x800710D9 in the page to find it. I ran it as he
said i.e. after a reboot and then installed SP2 from CD.
No more "can't read/write to database!
I received one error near the end of the install "Error loading
specified module can't be found."

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