Windows Pop Up--"Your computer is infected."



I have Windows XP. I also have McAfee Viurscan and an old version of
antisypware. I ran a virus scan and deleted four trojans.
I keep getting a yellow pop-up at the bottom right corner of the screen. It
"Your computer is infected! Windows has detected spyware infection! It is
reccommended to use special antispyware tools to prevent data loss. Windows
will now download and install the most up-to-date antispyaware for you.
Click here to protect your computer from spyware!"
This pops up about every 30 seconds and is really annoying. When I click on
it, nothing happens.
What can I do? Any solutions?



Brian A.

**It is very important to run the update for each program before running
the app/s to be sure you have the latest definitions.**
Run the programs in Safe Mode after assuring you have shut down all running
tasks except explorer or systray and all apps are fully up to date.
Remove your Temp Internet files: Right click IE. Under the General tab
click Delete Files, put a check in Delete all Offline..., click OK and
close when finished.
Delete all files in c:\windows\temp.

Download/run Cool Web Shredder from:

For Info on Cool Web Search variants:

Download/install/run Ad-Aware SE to detect/rid of any other
parasites/spyware that may be installed. It can be obtained free from:
After installing Ad-Aware, open it and click on the ref update to get the
latest up-to-date ref file, then run Ad-Aware and delete everything it

Download/install/run Spybot - Search & Destroy:
Run it at it's default settings until you learn an know more about it.
Spybot S&D is more of an advanced users tool and changing from the default
settings can be dangerous to the novice user. Items found in the default
settings that are RED can usually be safely removed. If you are unsure of a
found item, do not remove it and ask for help.

If you still have problems, download/run HijackThis from:

Copy HJT to it's own folder, this is where the log files will be saved.
Run HJT in Normal Mode.
Do not remove anything with it until you get advice on what to remove,
HJThis will list many apps that are needed along with the bad ones.
Removing items listed hap-hazardly without knowing what they are can/will
create a royal mess. Read the quick start here on how to create a log file
that can be copied/pasted into a forum that can provide assistance on
removal of unwanted pests.

Then post the logs to an appropriate forum where they specialize in
spyware/hijacker removal. Please read any sticky notes for proper posting
which are most commonly posted first at the top in each specific forum.
Read any information under each forum category name for information on what
that particular one is used for, look for the proper one that you post logs

After running the above and assuring you have a clean machine:
It’s also a good idea to have a HOSTS file to block bad sites, scroll to
HOSTS File Manager here:

Download/install/run SpywareBlaster which stops the badboys before they
even get a chance to install:


Brian A. Sesko { MS MVP_Shell/User }
Conflicts start where information lacks.

Suggested posting do's/don'ts:
How to ask a question:




sounds suspicious.

downlaod the latest beta anti-spyware (MS AS) ( it may not be the best but
it is free and acan remove a few peskies)

install that and scan. If you dont like the MS AS, you uninstall after it
has its job.

you may also want to run other scanners from trend micro, symantec, panda...

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