Windows Picture and Fax Viewer - "edit" opens wrong program


Volker Traudt

I often want to edit a photo viewed in the Picture and
Fax Viewer by clicken on the "edit" symbol. I want it to
open MS Photoeditor, instead it opens "paint". How can I
change the default setting for editing pictures (for
example in jpg format)?



David Candy

You'll have to add by hand. Start - Control Panel - Folder Options - File Types and look at gif to see what to put into bmp.



Yves Alarie

After you right click on the photo, click on Open with instead of Edit. A
list of photo editing software installed on you computer will pop up. Select
the one you want.
You can also select Choose program on the pop up list. A list will open
again, select the software you want and check the box "Always...". Then when
you double click on a photo it will open in the software you selected.

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