Windows movie Maker edit bleeps, hiccups, and poor title graphics



Hi, folks. Hope all continues to go well with each of you. Tehre are a few
problems that I've continuously experience with move maker and I wonder if
anyone here has had reoccuring problems as well.

First, on the time line, when I play back, I get what I refer to as a stall
in the video signal. I refer to them as bleeps or hiccups. The audio
continues playing but the video slider on the time line stops. Next thing is
that on some edits I get an abrupt segue way while others run smoothy.

Initially I though I had missed my edit point or left a space inbetween
clips but, I dismissed that after several edit attempts. Let me end this
search by saying that when I export my projects to video, though clips may
play back well on the time line and program monitor, I get those abrupt segue
ways and stalls in the transfer to video tape. This may all be difficult to
envision but I hope I've provided adequate descriptions to have my problems

Also, is anyone annoyed with the credits and tite limitations of this
program? My subtitles and lower thirds appear not on the bottom of the screen
but in the middle. Folks, I am eager to hear from you about your experiences
with movie maker and what solutions you found to these problems, anyway. I
can also be reached at (e-mail address removed)

Felix Leo Campos

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