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I need help ,if someone will explain to me the difference between windows
live messenger 2009 build 14.0.8064.206 and the old version of windows
messenger 4.7. with the new version it is harder to get new backgrounds and
emotions etc,
I tried to uninstall it and download the 8.5 version but got an error
message 0x8000ffff Catastrophic failure. so i had to download the new version
Also with the download came windows live mail , I use outlook but find
incoming mail in Live mail and not outlook express and not sure how to
uninstall live mail or just synk the two together, also when I try to send
pictures in outlook no one gets them anymore. I do not have a hotmail account
and do not bother with my webcam.
Any suggestions please.

Robin Bailey

Hello Kelly,

Windows Live Messenger is the name for builds of MSN Messenger since 2006.
Windows Messenger is a stripped down version for office that can use the MS
Office Communication Server protocol AND the .NET Messenger Service but I
use it anyway.

Now backgrounds... I haven't seen them in a while. Just shove the pictures
on (drag and drop a picture onto the window. NOT in the conversation send
window which will send it to your buddy). Now emoticons. :) icon > More... >
New and add a small emoticon, name it and alias it.

Now for 8.5... You won't need it.

And here is your answer to the Outlook question, go to Add\Remove Programs,
select Windows Live Essentials and try to remove it, click the Uninstall
radio button, tick and programs you don't want, and click OK. Which will
SHOVE E'M ON THE CART (sorry, sorry).

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