Alerts not working in Windows Live Messenger




In the last couple of days the alert that plays a sound when I get a new IM
seems to have stopped working -- or works intermittently at best. When a new
message comes in, sometimes the sound will play and sometimes it won't. My
status is not set to busy so that isn't the issue.

This is a problem since I spend quite a bit of time using Remote Desktop
connnected to another computer which means that I don't see my task bar, I
see the other computer's. If the sound doesn't play, I have no way of
knowing that I got a new IM!

I am running XP Pro with Windows Live Messenger 2009 (buld 14.0.8064.206).
I have run through the Live Essentials repair process with no effect. I also
have Messenger Plus! installed but I just did that after running the repair
thinking it might help kick it back into gear.

Any ideas would be very welcome.

Thank you in advance!




I have been searching and maybe you can help me. How do I even turn on the
messenger alert? Can you help me?

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