Windows Messenger Service Annoying Ads


David Grier

I am new to the XP environment and am puzzled by a rash of
ads that have started "attacking" me since I switched to
XP. Of course, it may be unrelated to XP. Anyway, I am
besieged by a constant stream of "pop-up" type ads telling
me that spammers are able to use Messenger Service to
invade my computer. I am using Mozilla Firebird, which
blocks all other pop-ups that I get, but these come
through. These ads all offer to sell me software to stop
the ads, but I was wondering if there is another solution,
read free, to stopping them?



you can turn off the messenger service that is used to
display these ads:
go to control panel, switch to classic view, double click
administrative services, then double click services and
scroll down until you see Messenger (note: This messenger
service is not in any way related to Windows Instant
Messenger and will not affect it), right click on
Messenger and select properties, once in the properties
menu go to the general tab and change the start up type
from automatic to manual. completing this task will still
allow you to use the service but will not allow external
use and thus your gray external messenger ads will be
stopped, good luck.


I have had the same problem and do not know how to get
rid of it. I also have a firewall but these message keep
coming, sometimes 5 per 10 seconds. I do not know how to
get rid of this. Anyone have suggestions?

Jonathan Kay [MVP]


What you're seeing is the Messenger service built-in to Windows, *not* Windows Messenger
(which are two different things) which spammers are exploiting -- this is not Microsoft, nor
can Microsoft control them anymore then they can control spam to your e-mail inbox.

To get rid of these pop ups, you'll need to disable the "Messenger Service", click Start,
then Run, enter "services.msc"and click OK. Scroll down to "Messenger", select it,
right-click and then choose Properties. Under startup type, choose 'Disabled' and then
choose the 'Stop' button. After the service is stopped, click OK. Nothing in Windows or any
real third-party applications should be effected by this.
Jonathan Kay
Windows MVP, Messenger
Associate Expert
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