Windows Messenger closes in Windows Vista



Has anyone attempted using Windows Messenger 5.0 or 5.1 in Windows Vista?
Every time I try signing into my Live Communications service using Windows
Messenger, it signs in initially but then closes and says the program is not
responding within a few minutes. Any suggestions?


My problem is I need to use Windows Messenger because it supports SIP
communications. As far as I know, Windows Live Messenger is not designed for
the SIP protocol.


Thanks Jonathan. Is Office Communicator compatible with LCS 2003 though?
That is what we are currently running.


We are running LCS 2005. Will Office Communicator work with that version.
Also were to I get get Office Communicator. All I see is the download for a
beta version of Communicator server.



Jonathan Kay [MVP]

Hi Adam,

Yep, LCS 2005 and Office Communicator are designed to work together.

Communicator isn't offered as a free product (ignoring the beta).

Jonathan Kay
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