Windows Messenger 4.7



The Microsoft page to download Windows Messenger 4.7 (not MSN) displays a
"download can not be found" message. Does anyone know where I can download
Windows Messenger 4.7? Thank you.


Why do you want to download Windows Messenger 4.7? They removed that
download link and did that right. All you need is installing SP2, it
includes WM 4.7. In case you don't use Windows XP you should try the latest
version of WM which is 5.1.

If you still willing to get nonXP WM 4.7 for some personal reasons, take a
look here:


I want to download and "save" it in case of computer problems. I want it
because it's the only version of Windows Messenger that alerts you to new
email. MSN Messenger I don't care for.

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