Windows Messenger 4.7 and Live Communication Server 2005 Issue



I'm running Office Communicator 2005 and trying to collaborate with a friend
who's running Windows Messenger 4.7 and Windows XP Professional - SP2.
Everytime my friend and I are IM'ing my friend drops her access every 5-10
mintues consistently and has to re-login into Messenger.

Note: This person is not experiencing any connectivity issues with any other
internet service they’re running.

Any information and guidance that anyone can provide or point me to would be
greatly appreciated.


As I scan through this forum I noticed that it doesn't receive much support
from Microsoft or other resources. Not sure what that implies.

FYI...I updated my friends version of Windows Messenger from 4.7 to 5.1 and
we're still seeing the same problems where my friends connection to Messenger
drops every 5-10 minutes. The other learning here is that this problem only
occurs during the evening (10-11pm EST), however, when we chat during the
daytime hours this problem doesn't occur. I'm leaning towards a Microsoft
infrastructure capacity issue for now. Any other thoughts, learnings, etc.
would be appreciated.

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