windows media player version 10 dvd play back problem


Robert Tudor

I have XP Professional with Windows Media Player 10 installed and for
some unknown reason now when I play back dvd movies on my PC dvd player,
the program plays the movie in what I can only describe as a "mosaic"
color pattern. Colors are all washed out and pixelized. I upgraded the
media player to version 10 and with windows update installed the recent
patches. Direct X 9c was reinstalled too. I have a Nvidia 4200 video
card with 128 meg memory and it's latest driver. The Windows media
player played the dvds correctly before upgrading the player and I
noticed that on Power DVD version 4 it also plays the dvds in the
"mosaic" fashion. On line video thru Divx and Quicktime play fine; it
just seems to be DVD movies played on either of my 2 dvd player drives.
This is a Pentium 2.8 mhz, 512 ram and I just noticed this problem
over the last several months. What is wrong and what do I do to fix

thanks in advance.

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