Windows Media Encoder


James SB

I downloaded WME, thanks for that info and just want to make sure I am using
it correctly.
I convert avi to wmv.
I select Windows Media Server(Streaming Video)
Both video/audio default to multiple bit rate(cbr) Should I use this one?
Bit rate is set to 282 kbps should I use this one?
Finally when I finish I am asked if I want to save the wme session-do I need
to save the wme session? Thanks for any feedback.
So far the conversions work and I am able to now import these files into WMM.

Graham Hughes

It's fine.
Saving the session means that if you change any of the options and find a
better one for your needs you can ssave it and then open the session to use
those settings again next time you come to convert a file without having to
try to remember what worked!!

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