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Ok, so i ran the windows installation disc on a new hard drive. I installed a
new version of windows XP pro and go to where it asks to create user
accounts. I clicked 'skip this step'. Upon bootup, it went to the windows
logon screen asking for a password for windows with the Administrator
account. I figured leaving it blank would work, no. Nor does any other
possible default password I could think of. Come to find out, there is no
default password for windows? Isn't this a catch-22? How am I supposed to log
onto windows when I didn't even create user accounts?

I don't have an option for boot in safe mode either. There is only F1 option
for setup.




One option:

Though you'll need a PC to make the disc on. At this stage repeating the
install may be the simplest option. BTW, if the computer is single-user (as
are most) I create a user called literally 'user' -this avoids all the
problems which otherwise crop-up if the computer changes hands.


I can only sit here and laugh.

Why have the option of skipping the step if it doesn't set a default
password, or bypass the login all together? Does it fail that bad?

So NT Password & Registery editor was a bad idea. It killed the drivers for
my keyboard and mouse, which I come to find out is under the frequently asked
questions. Yet, he does not have a solution. Ahhh, love it.

So I took Hirens Boot CD 9.5 and erased partition with Ontrack Disk Manager.
I am going to reinstall Windows and setup a user account I suppose.

So can anyone answer the million dollar question, why is there not a default
password for Windows Admin? Why couldn't it just be left blank?


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