windows gamepad/registry :(



hi folks, having a really tough time,

what im trying to do is essentially disable the dpad on my gamepad
thats plugged in to my soundcards midi port, the way ive gone about it
is to create a custom joypad called for example "mynewgamepad".

i can then search the registry for this gamepad and it reveals only
one instance, one of the values being oemdata which i think contains
the information on axis and buttons..

im just trying to set the x/y axis on the dpad to 0 so its always 100%
centred.. but dont know how to interpret the values in the registry..

the default values in this binary are:

0000 20 00 00 00 04 00 00 00

i just dont know what to change to set the x/y values to 0, anyone
have any ideas OR ANY OTHER WAY ROUND IT??

much gratitude if anyone can help me with this!


This is to solve spinning in a game, it thinks the gamepad is off
centre eventhough thru using the windows setup its not, i dont need
the dpad just the buttons anyhow.


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