Windows Fax and Scan



I am having some problems using the Windows Fax on Vista Business. Here it is
what happens. If I create a new fax and then I enter the fax number 111-1111
and then click send it tells me that I have to enter it +1 (111) 111-1111, if
I say to use 111-1111 it will not send the fax, but if I use +1 (111)
111-1111 it will send the fax. So my question is shouldn't it use the dialing
rules? Shouldn't I be able to just enter 111-1111 into the number and then it
should grab the 1 and the area code from the dialing rules? It is not doing
it. Just for reference, if I use the number 111-1111 in Windows XP, it uses
the dialing rules and fax is sent successfully. Why is it not working in
Vista? Why is it not using the dialing rules?

Thank you,

Felix D.


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