Windows Explorer "Date Picture Taken" problem



I have posted the following message on Sep 15 but was
unable to display the reply, so here it is again

I have Windows XP home edition. Using Adobe Photoshop
Album I am able to change the EXIF metadata of a scanned
photo to actual
date photo is taken rather than the scan date. However,
for dates on 01/01/1980 and earlier Windows Explorer
displays a blank in
column "Date Picture Taken" but no problem in displaying
dates on 01/02/1980 and later.

I have been on the Adobe Photoshop forums and have found
that users with Windows 2K don't have this problem. Any

Is there a patch or some setting I should be using?


David Shiflet [MS]

Microsoft is aware of the problem but I don't know when a fix would be made
available. I don't know of any workaround either, sorry.

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