Windows Experience Index Score and Aero not working



I've browsed the threads here and tried several suggestions, but haven't
found one to work yet. I've tried to get Aero to work (it's not an option
from Personal Appearance / Themes) as evidently I don't have an updated
Experience Index Score. I've never been able to run an Experience Index
Score, as it always crashes at the same point. So, it seems I've got to fix
the experience index score before I can fix Aero.

I've run the "winsat formal -v" command from the command line but this
process bombs out too. From the results, it appears the conflict is as

Requesting a file the size of 536870912 located at physical offset 0x10000.
Error: Failed to properly assess the disk.
The drive cannot locate a specific area or track on the disk

I've partitioned the drive, however, the Experience Index didn't work prior
to partitioning either.

System spec's:
Dell XPS 410 Dual Core 6600 @2.4ghz
4GB RAM (though Vista 32 bit identifies only 3GB)
nVidia GeForce 7900 GS 256mb
500GB drive
Vista Home Premium 32 bit

System purchased new in Feb, 2007 and came with Vista loaded. I've never
been able to run the Experience Index or get Aero to run. I've only
addressed now as I just bought a 24" monitor.

Thanks for your help!




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