Windows Defender hangs on second launch of our app



I'm a software vendor and the latest definitions cause some really odd
behavior. Our app will launch fine the first time after booting. Then if
the app is closed and launched again Window Explorer will show a wait cursor
and the app will fail to launch for about 10 minutes.(!) This problem
doesn't happen if we uncheck "application execution" under the "Use real-time
protection" setting under Tools, Options in Windows Defender.
Where should I go with this?
It's not really a "false positive" but we're going to have ten thousand+
unhappy customers very soon...

Bill Sanderson

I'm sorry I missed this question--I suspect a synch problem between the web
and nntp versions of these groups. If you haven't resolved this you need to
contact Microsoft directly about it--the best way is to go to and look for a link labelled resources for
software vendors. There are a couple of web forms there that may not seem
directly applicable to your issue, but should get you in touch with
Microsoft directly.

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