Windows Defender Alway Allow/Permit Option


Mark R. Cusumano

There is monitoring software on my computer that from time to time changes
information which Windows Defender flags and asks me what to do about the
changes. I'm only ever given 2 options, Permit or Deny. It never gives me
the option to Always Allow and I can't manually add the program to the list
of Allowed programs (which I think is a real flaw in the program). The
documentation says that the only way to add something to that list is to
select Always Allow then it comes up but I'm never given that option. Am I
doing something wrong?


Hello Mark,

I think you may have to work at excluding it from the scan, as an interim

Tools, Options, scroll down to Advanced options, and fill the box, by adding
the full path and file name to the Tools/Options/ do not scan box, hit the
add button, and Save.
D'Oh! I didn't realize there was a whole SLEW of options if only I had
scrolled down! <smacks forehead with palm of hand>. I really need to be
more observant


I hope this post is helpful.

Let us know how it works ºut.


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