Windows def and Mcafee internet security suite



I have installed both Win def and the Mcafee int sec suite. Recently,
suddenly def found some trojan downloader has got into my laptop.Then def
advised me to remove it imediately, which i did perfoming def. But mcafee
didn't warn me anything about this intrusion at all!!. when i asked the
mcafee technical, they asked me to disable defender (but i didn't do it yet,
'coz i used to have another mcafee product with spybot search and destroy
before which perfect perfect. also some people have advised me that you need
to have installed both an antivirus software and a spyware on the PC). The
same intrusion happened a few more times. The last time def struggled to
remove the trojan downloader but did it finally. Now my laptop is free from
all. But i lost my confidence of Mcafee!! Shall I disable def? Then will
mcafee do the job that the def did as well? Can some one help pls?

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