Windows cannot find a file error message.



Vista windows will not open an excel file from recent items or other document
windows. It does open the application itself and then displays the error
window "Windows cannot find 'C\( path to the file)\_____.xls. Make sure you
typed the name correctly and try again." Windows search will show the file,
but it goes through the same thing when it is clicked. The files can be
opened within excel application itself. All other files seem to open alright.

Dj Rawlings

Jabez Gan [MVP]

Not sure but, are you sure that you are actually opening the actual file
instead of the shortcut to the file? The shortcut might be outdated...


Thanks for responding Jabez.
The locations where I am having trouble are the Documents window and the
Recent Items window in the Start menu. I assume that the files shown in
those windows might be shortcuts. I use those windows to navigate to the
various files and folders that I would desire. I have no problem with other
file types just the excel files. If the shortcuts are outdated, how would
you updated all of the files. I have alot of excel files in a lot of
different file folders.
Dj Rawlings

Jabez Gan [MVP]

Hi Dj Rawlings,

Right click Recent Items and select "Clear Recent Item List".

Now, go to the folder which stores your files and open them.

Now, go back to Recent Items and you'll see those shortcuts. Click on those
shortcuts and see if it will open the actual files.



I cleared the recent items window and used some of the excel files, I even
created and saved some new files. Then tried opening them from the Recent
Items window, the same thing would occur--the excel application would open
with out a spread sheet and the file cannot be found message would appear. I
want to mentioned that the same problem occurs with the main documents
window. The only way the excel file can be opened is through the excel
application itself. There seems to be an issue between windows and excel.
Maybe when the shortcuts are created or something is blocking excels
shortcuts. I am not really knowledgeable to know how to resolve this thing.
Do you have any other ideals that I can try?

I have also restored my computer to an earlier date. That didn't work either.

Dj Rawlings

R. C. White

Hi, Jane.

Thanks for that! Another poster is having a similar problem. I'll see if
this will help him, too. ;<)

R. C. White, CPA
San Marcos, TX
(e-mail address removed)
Microsoft Windows MVP
(Running Windows Live Mail beta 2 in Vista Ultimate x64)


This solution may work for Excel but it does not work for Word. The first
time I click on the file name in my documents folder, I get the error message
(this also occurs in e-mail). The second time I click on the file it
actually opens. I haven't seen a solution out there yet. Does anyone know
of one for Word?


Amit Desai


the link that you gave worked just perfect for me and now i am able to open
the excel by double clicking on it.

thanks a ton


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