Windows and I.E. 6.0



I recently updated Flash Player 7 to Ver. 8. Now all animations do not work,
all downloads stop at about 5% complete. I run Norton AV 2006 and ZoneAlarm
Pro. WSftp works with ZoneAlarm, but will not work now with windows firewall??

Maurice N ~ MVP

Was the upgrade completely successful? Can you use Windows Explorer to look at the Flash Player folder, and see if it has a setup log?

If you run ZoneAlarm, do not run the windows firewall as well. Try turning off Norton, retry a Flash download. It may be possible either NAV or perhaps ZoneAlarm is blocking the download because (one or the other, maybe both) do not recognize the new version of Flash Player.

Review all your settings & options in ZoneAlarm. Does Flash Player (the new version) have approved access to internet?
Also, did you turn off all prompts in Z.A. ? Most times, you want it to ask when a new (version) program is trying to access internet.

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