Windows 2003 Pagefile Fault Rate14877.350 Faults/sec is above..



In one of my Dell blade server Windows 2003 Enterprise edition and we have
BMC remedy tool to monitor the server activities and every now and then we
get alerts related to Windows 2003 Pagefile Fault Rate14877.350 Faults/sec is

Can somebody explain me the cause for this error and also possible any kind
of remedy in order to resolve this issue



John John - MVP

Ajaykumar said:
Hi John,

I went to the link provided by you and found that the details are not
sufficient for my query, if you could post me any other suitable resolutions
that would be gratefull

Try monitoring the Page Faults on your running processes and see if you
can determine which of your process or applications is responsible for
the high fault rate. If the page faults are in fact hard faults other
than shutting down applications or adding more RAM there isn't really
much that you can do to stop the faults.


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