Windows 2000 Unattend.txt question?



I have been installing Win 2000 from a DOS network bootdisk over the
network using the Winnt.exe file, unfortunatly this doesn't support FAT 32
(the WinXP one does) so i have to install it onto a 2Gb FAT partition that
is then converted too NTFS during setup by the Unattend.txt file.

Does anyone know if there is an entry that can be put into the Unattend
file that will delete the 2Gb partition then create a new NTFS partition
that uses the whole disk during 2000 setup?
This can obviously be done manually during setup so i assume there is a
way to automate this.


Patrick J. LoPresti [MVP]

I have performed unattended installations of Windows 2000 onto a FAT32
partition hundreds of times.

If you cannot use a FAT32 partition, it is probably because your boot
disk does not support it. For example, if it uses DOS 6 instead of
DOS 7 or higher.

That said, the unattend.txt setting you seek is:


For full documentation on this option, search for "ExtendOEMPartition"
(second occurrance) at:


- Pat
MVP, Windows Server - Setup/Deployment

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