windows 2000 to windows server 2008 migration



Firstly - Apologies for posting in the news group - I just wasnt able to find
one for file n print for windows server 2008 -

Question 1. We are migrating our windows XP, Windows Vista and MAc users to
our new windows server 2008 print queues.

Al our users have had their print queues "manually" setup by the desktop
staff - crazy i know - but thats just the way it is and toi try and get a
login script in place or deploy printers by AD would just be too much work
for he timeframe and scope of project.

So. there are some options (with my limited time frame)

1. deploy a vbs script at logon time to copy their print mappings and
replace the server name (I found a script to do this , but am yet to test)

2. deploy a dns alias for the old print server names and then migrate the
print mappings over to the correct one in our own time. (This may alos need a
lmhost entry as well?? Is this possible? - yet to test this.

Thats all for now.


Alan Morris [MSFT]

Is there anyway to name the new server the same as the old one. This way
the clients just reconnect.

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base here:

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Unfortunately no, we now have to use a new server naming convention, hence my

Dec 6, 2012
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Hello defcon,
For this there is a printserver migration tool named steadyPRINT Migrator, maybe it´s that what you are looking for ->

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