Win2K server with Mac Clients - issues with sharing

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Bhagirath Bob Bhakta

Does anyone know of a work-around when shared folders at the root of Windows
2000 share point exceed the 65K limit?

Basically I have a Windows 2000(SP4) server running AppleTalk services, and
the root of the sharepoint, I have 6 folders. One of these folders
currently has > 65536 number of files. With this problem, I am getting alot
of side effects.. from Logos not opening up correctly to files disappearing
on the Mac Client side (a file will not show up on the Macs in the finder
but on a windows box it comes up just fine in windows explorer{Appletalk
issues}) .

The actual server was 2 TB, and recently has been increased to 3TB.. Anyhow
if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. If you also need further
information, leave a message..




Marimuthu [msft]


You can rebuild the index, but after some time also you may come across the
same, So Load balancing the share is the only way.

Create two folders and and place 30,000 files each.


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