Win2k Pro Upgrade to XP Pro blue screen errors



Hello, I just started a Win2k Pro upgrade to xp pro. During the upgrade
process I go a dialog box asking me to put in my SATA driver disk so that it
could get the file "SiWinAcc.sys". Well after much searching for the
diskette I found out that it did not have the file on it. I tried to find in
on the internet, but that was a mission of its own. After reading several
post, I noticed that it was said that this file could be a virus, so I click
on cancel and the installation continued on. However, after the computer
reboots, it gets to the XP Pro screen and then it blue screens makeing not
that windows has shut down to stop any further damage to the machine.

What can I do to remove XP Pro so that win2k pro can boot back up - or is
there away to install this "SiWinAcc.sys" file onto the hard drive so that
the system will see the file. I think there may be about six files that it

Anyones help would be greatly appreciated!


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