WIN XP, Fax Console Problem



Problem in WIN XP - I try to create new fax & send it to list recipients, I
take the list from outlook 2003 address book ( example 10 recipients I want
to send) , I see all fax numbers in list("Recipient Name" & "Fax Number")
continue & in last window I receive all list of fax numbers I want to send ,
press "Finish" & get "Fax Console" Window - "outbox" , here must b list of
all 10 faxes waiting to send, I get only 2 ( or 3, 5 - randome) but no one
time all 10 faxes & sending started.
How I can fix this
I allready tried to reinstall Fax Console in Windows components & defined
all settings again, not helps.

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Check your recipients for a corrupt or unresolved fax address.

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