Win XP Client L2TP IPSec VPN to OS X Server



Are there any guidelines or help files on how to setup an L2TP IPSec VPN
connection to a MAC OS X server (10.5) using the "Create a new connection"
Or does anyone know of a third party software that would help achieving this?

(P.S. I am not interested in a PPTP here, strictly L2TP IPSec VPN)

Thank you so much in advance for any feedback & Happy Holidays everyone.


Thank you Jack,

I already read the whole article but I do apologize because I should have
given more details:

So using the exact same configuration as mentioned in the article below,
PPTP works just fine. The only change here was to select 'L2TP IPSec VPN' in
the 'Networking' tab, connect, and I keep getting the same message:

"Error 768: The connection attempt failed because of failure to encrypt data"

and the connection fails of course. Also I am not using NAT at this time.

Any suggestion :)

Thank you


Jack \(MVP-Networking\).

L2TP requires the use of digital certificates.
Jack (MS, MVP-Networking)


But it works fine with a pre-shared key from my mac. Is there a little bit
more information on this somewhere. Thank you so much.

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