Win/Word format interaction glitch w/columns, color display backgn



I am trying to figure out how to change the color of a Windows XP (service
pack 2) window for 1 Word document only.
I am doing a tri-fold brochure for a client. Normally, on my computer, I
have changed display/appearance settings so that I have a cool kind of rose
color for for my windows.

(As you may know, if you don't want your Windows "windows" to have a
standard white background, you can go into cntl
panel/display/appearances/advanced and change the color of a "window" to one
of the preset, or a custom color.)

Changing the custom settings back and forth is tricky, and I often "lose" my
custom color settings. Thus, I don't want to have to change them if I can
avoid it.

Therefore, when I am going to attach a formal email, I highlight the doc and
choose format/background and change the color to a "professional" white
before sending it. That way I retain my default color custom window settings.

However, in this case, with the columns etc. set for the brochure, as soon
as I change the color the columns disappear! I know there must be a way to
change the color of the window (display, background, or otherwise) just for
one doc, without doing the universal "display" change for all windows as per
Again, the problem is that when I take the basic brochure and use
"background" to change the background from my custom pink to a professional
white, then the columns disappear from the brochure. The minute I redo the
columns, the pink comes back. This is the crux of the issue. I have tinkered
w/all the different parts of "borders and shading" but none seems to apply to
the whole doc, even when I set margin borders @ "0." Yet, I'm sure there must
be an easy way to resolve this problem!
(Also, is there a way to get free Windows support via email or otherwise?)

Suggestions on Word/Windows or other software programs (free downloads) I
could use to get out this brochure? On deadline! Thx!


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