win live messenger looses connectivity



win live Messenger 8.5 keeps loosing connectivity.
Now I haven't been able to sign in for a few days
because of this.

When I click on "troubleshoot", Every thing gets ticked
except "wireless."

Then looking at "What can I do to troubleshoot
connectivity issues?" in the support blog, it tells
me to go to tools, options, advance. connections,
"Then "test" But there is no "test"
I have winxp pro with IE7.

I have had wireless connection previously, but now have
Internet connected by cable, but it has not made any

Does any of this make sense please?

Hope some one can help. Thanks!


Hello Tassie, Im having the same problem with Messenger 7, keep losing it
like you do, its driving me insane, I need help just like you


Hi Richard!

I think it would be better to send a message directly to Microsoft.

My connectivity came back ok in the end, but it's pretty frustrating
while it's happenng.

Hope yours sorts out.

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