Win 2000 AD integrated DNS on second DNS server problem



Windows 2000 mixed mode, all on a single Windows 2000 Domain.
10 zones

Server 1 windows 2000 ad integrated DNS
Server 2 Windows 2000 ad integrated DNS

So a few weeks ago we switched to Windows 2000 native mode, and every thing
appears to be ok.
Let it run for 2 weeks still all fine.

Server 3 windows 2000 DHCP server migrated/moved as per MS kb on to a new
server (virtual)
All still working fine old server dropped off network post migration

Week later
Server4 Windows 2000 (fully patched etc) virtual server
Run DC promo, so we now have 3 AD DC’s DNS installed.

All still looking ok,

Server 2 DC promo dropped to member server (dns runs a caching dns zone) and
then removed off network.

Few days later Server 4 made a Global Cat server.

Now we have a few problems,

When some users logon (Win XP) home drives are not mapping to the correct
directory, Gpolicy is not always running also.
On some PC’s it looks as if its not until post login that DHCP is detected,
time server etc so looks as if the PC cant locate network until much later in
the log on process.

We have also noticed on the new DC that if you click server with in the mmc
DNS snap in that its asking us to Configure a DNS server ! is this not done
as its running as an AD integrated server ?? I can see all the zones
correctly under this server.

Many thanks for your help

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