Will this PPC.WCE420X86.CAB work on Symbol MC3000

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PrinceSL via DotNetMonster.com


I have developed a Pocket PC application for Symbol PDT 8100 which has a ARM
SA1110 processor. So i installed PPC.ARM.CAB for that.

But now i want his app.to work on Symbol MC 3000 HH which runs on Windows CE
4.2 professional which has Intel Xscale PXA270 processor.

So what i want to know is will this PPC.WCE420X86.CAB work on this new device
or do i have to develop my application in Windows CE from scratch.

Thanks in advance,



Sachin Palewar

Hi Prince,

One thing is sure that you don't need to develop your application from
scratch. I am assuming that you used visual studio.net 2003 to develop
your application. So you should be able to use your most of the code. I
dont know about that device, so I am not sure that it is a Pocket PC
(using winCE4.2 as core) or a standalone win CE device.

Another thing is that Xscale processors are also ARM processors so you
need to deploy ARM cab to it. Why you mentioned some X86 cab, it can
not be used with any modern Pocket PC device. It can only be used with
ARM simulators

Sachin Palewar
Palewar Techno Solutions

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