wifi network crash / netmask not resolving



Similar issue with AntiSpyware on my wifi network. After
installing and running AntiSpyware, my internet
connection is down.

I checked everything and found that my netmask/gateway ip
was not working. Tried everything I know, but it would
not resolve. Normally my netmask is However,
my Belkin wirless software displays strong signal, but
will not give a netmask ip.

Had to get rid of AntiSpyware, but that did not fix
anything. Only solution was to SYSTEM RESTORE to a day
before installing AntiSpyware.

Microsoft Techies PLEASE help.




Bill Sanderson

Had you done a scan and removed anything? Check out the content of
cleaner.log in the folder the antispyware was installed in.

I believe this file will still be there even after the SR.

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