Width of Active Cell Name drop down combo list


John Google

Is there any way to make the width of the drop down combo box wider in
Excel XP.

The one I'm referring to is the one in the top left (to the left of
the formula bar) which shows the active cell name.

I tend to use long names for my named ranges so, when I click the drop
down arrow, it only shows the first part of the name. Ideally, I would
like it twice as wide.




Rick Rothstein \(MVP - VB\)

It doesn't look like you can change its size; however, you can get a longer
field to work with by clicking Insert/Name/Define on Excel's menu bar.


Rick Rothstein \(MVP - VB\)

If you think this "solution" will work for you, you can save yourself one
menu item click and a little searching for the Name item by adding a button
to the toolbar giving you direct access to Name sub-menu. Right click the
toolbar and select Customize from the popup menu that appears; select the
Commands tab; click on Built-in Menus in the Categories list box; then
select Name from the Commands list box; drag that entry onto one of your
toolbars and drop it there; close the dialog box. You can now click the Name
button and immediately select Define from its drop-down menu.


Gord Dibben


Some options to explore ..

1. Try Chip's:

2. From a Tom Ogilvy posting:

Robert Gelb wrote a program that allows you to resize
the namebox itself.

(Two versions--one for xl97 and one for xl2k and above.)

3. From a JKP posting:

If you use defined names a lot, consider downloading the Name manager (by
Jan Karel Pieterse, Charles Williams & Matthew Henson) from:


Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP



Gord Dibben

Thanks Rick

Going to the URL I posted one does get a "click here" link.

I'll try to remember to update.

Don't get much call for that particular page.


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