Why won't Access assign a Primary Key ID to my linked SQL Table?



In Access (2008), when I have a local table with a Primary Key and I
add a new record in the table view, Access automatically gives the new
record a primary key value.

But when I open a table linked to my backend SQL Server that also has
a primary key (identified in SQL Server), Access will not give it an
ID and so I cannot add a record there.

How do I fix this?


I should also specify, that when I try to add records to a local
Access table, the Primary Key is set to Autonumber. I don't see that
as an option in SQL Server. I'm sure that's the reason, but how do I
work around that so that I can add records in a table view in Access?

Dan Dungan

Is there something that stops you from using the primary key assigned
by SQL server?

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