Link Primary Key to two fields in second table



I have a "People" table that I would link to an "Orders" table. The People
table has a record for each individual. A record in the orders table will
have multiple "People" in it (e.g., Person Placing the Order, Technical
Contact, Budget Officer, etc.). I would like to link the Primary Key of the
"People" table (personID) to multiple fields in the orders table and enforce
referential integrity. Access and SQL Server both disallow this. Is there a
way around this? Any thoughts are appreciated.


Hi Dew,

Access does allow this...

when you are in the relationship window, drag the relationship from
People to the first field, check Referential Integrity (RI)

now drag a relationship from People to the second field

A dialog box will come up that says:

A Relationship already exists
Do you want to edit the existing relationship? To create a new
relationship, click No

just click NO -- and you will create another relationship and you can
check RI. Access will put a second copy of the People table on the diagram.

Warm Regards,

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:) have an awesome day :)


Thank you Steve and Strive4Peace for the fast and very helpful responses.

Both suggestions work for me.

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