Why we created


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Why we created

All praise is due to Allah and may His peace and blessings be upon his
last messenger (saaw) and on all those who follow the path of
righteousness until the last day.

We have to answer the most fundamental question that every human being
asks himself at some point in his or her lifetime. Not just Muslims,
but every single human being.

"Why was I created? Why am I here? What am I doing in this world? Why
did God create me?"

These questions, are questions which each and everyone of us reflects
on at some point during their life. We have some answers, which are
given generally, but usually these answers don't satisfy us, they seem
somewhat simplistic. We still wonder. "Why me? Why here?" I know all
of you, generally speaking, in the back of your mind, you are saying
"to worship Allah, khallas, what more is there to say? Why do we need
to have a big long talk on why we were created, when we all know it is
to worship Allah?" But wait, if this is presented to a non-Muslim, the
next logical question would be "why does Allah want us to worship
Him?" and then your stuck.

It means, in our own minds it is not really clear to us. Why did Allah
create us to worship Him?

The question, why did Allah create us, for some people, and we have to
deal with those people around us, who don't consider there to be any
purpose in man's creation because he is just a product of evolution
that the forces of nature have produced him, and just as we don't have
apes, dogs or cows thinking about why they are here, then we don't
really have to think about it either. Of course that being the basis
of the philosophy of western society, that man is without purpose,
then the whole issue of government, morality etc has no basis in
Revelation, there is no guidance there. The product of this is of
course the corruption that we are living in.

For a Muslim, when we go in to this topic, we have to find our
understanding in divine revelation and not human speculation. Because
human speculation has no bounds, we can imagine all kinds of things,
and is any of you have studied philosophy of religion, you can see how
many opinions exist about the creation of man and existence. Because
of the variety of philosophies, which are out there, no one can say
this one is correct or that one is incorrect, because there is no
guidance behind it. No divine revelation. It is only from divine
revelation that we can determine the reality of our creation, because
it is Allah who has created us and he knows the purpose of our
creation. We can hardly understand ourselves, much less try to
understand the essence of things. So it is for Allah to inform us
through the revelation in the Qur'an and the Sunnah which was brought
by his last messenger (saaw) and the messengers before. Now if we are
to look, initially into revelation, to determine why was man
created, there is a deeper question that we should be asking before
that. "Why did god create?" Before we even get to man, why did god
create, because man is not the greatest act of creation that we should
be so focused on why man. No, because Allah says:

"The creation of the Heavens and the Earth is indeed greater then the
creation of mankind; yet, most of mankind know not." (Surah Ghafir,
verse 57)

Man is not the greatest act of creation, this universe is far more
complex and far more magnificent then man. So the issue of creation
should then go to why create? As opposed to simply why create man?

Fundamentally, we can say that the creation is the natural consequence
of the attribute of creator. Allah is the creator. That is one of his
attributes. That is what he has informed us. That being his attribute,
the creator, the natural consequence or the product of this attribute
is his creation.

A painter, if we are to draw a similitude on a lower level, who tells
you that he is a painter, if you ask him where are his paintings and
he replies I don't have any. What kind of painter is this? The concept
of a painter who doesn't paint, there is some thing not quite gelling
together here, of course Allah is beyond this. But if we are to
understand on the simplest level, the two go together. The perfection
of a painter lies in his paintings. His quality and his ability to
paint, is manifest in his paintings. And Allah, beyond all that, as
creator, this quality of creation is manifest in the creation itself.
Allah didn't create out of a need. No, the fact that he is the
creator, is manifest in the creation.

Furthermore, consider the act of creation, this act, with regards to
Allah is unique. Though we use the term i.e. So and so created a table
etc, actually it is in a limited sense. Human beings don't really
create, they manipulate, because they can only "create" what already
exists. When we make a chair or a table, we didn't create the wood, we
had to take it from a tree, we didn't create the metal, which makes
the screws etc, we had to melt down rocks and take the metal out. So
we are not creating from nothing. We are manipulating things which
Allah has already created in to different shapes and forms which are
useful to us. We call it "creation" but the real act of creation, is
creation from nothing, and this is unique to Allah alone.

This is a concept, which many people in ignorance, because they
couldn't grasp the idea of creation from nothingness, it lead them to
conclude that the world is Allah. Those who say "inside of each and
every atom is Allah." And you have people, who call themselves Muslims
saying this. Non-Muslims have said this before and there are Muslims
who claim this. That Allah is inside each and everything, because
Allah is the reality and everything else is fake in their
interpretation. That means then, that the creation is Allah, and
Allah is the creation. Very, very dangerous concept, which leads some
of those who make this claim to say that you don't have to worship
outside of yourself. Ibn Arabi, was famous for this statement, he is
considered to be one of the saints, amongst the so called Sufi
religion. Ibn Arabi said "There is no need to worship one outside
yourself, you are Allah. It is sufficient to worship yourself." This
is shirk.

This concept of Allah being within his creation, no distinction the
creation and Allah, it leads them to this shirk. Because they are
unable to accept the uniqueness of Allah's creation, they compare the
act of creation by Allah to human creation. That is, just as we
manipulate, Allah took pieces of himself and made the earth and the
universe. Others will say that all human beings have inside of
themselves Allah, that there is a part of Allah inside each and
everyone of us. The whole essence, the purpose of life is for us to
realize that we have part of Allah inside of ourselves, remove the
material blocks which keep us from Allah and again become one with
Allah in what they call "fana". This is again a teaching of the sufi

Becoming one with Allah, returning back to Allah in this sense. But
this is in fact part of the teachings of shirk. Shaitan has deluded
man into this imagination. It is part of the belief of the Hindus.
Nirvana, the concept that when you die, you are reborn again, and you
move up in stages, each time, if you are a good boy or good girl, you
go up higher and higher, until you get to the top. You know you have
reached the peak, because when you die the next time you become one
with the universal soul, Nirvana. That is the end of rebirth. So your
whole purpose is to return and become one with God again. This is all,
as I said, a product of the inability to understand the concept of
creation from nothingness, which is unique to Allah. Allah (SWT) says:

"There is nothing like him, and he is the hearer and seer of all."

So when we try to interpret Allah's creation like the way we create,
then we have made Him like his creation and it leads us ultimately to
those aspects of shirk which I have mentioned. This is quite common
amongst the Muslim world today, because when you look into the various
branches of the sufi religion, where they have prescribed various acts
of purification, they call it zhikr, exercises to torture the body
through spinning and dancing. What is the purpose of this? They will
tell you, to liberate the soul from this earthly body and to achieve
that state of "fana" or "itihaad", a variety of names they have for

It is this concept, which lead Al Hallaj, many centuries ago, when he
was promoting this idea, and he was put before a panel of judges
questioning these concepts, which he was expressing. When they asked
him to recant, to take this stuff back, he stood up, opened up his
cloak and said "There is nothing inside this cloak except Allah". So
they executed him. And of course, those in the sufi religion, they
have stories that when they cut his head off, it rolled around saying
"Allah, Allah, Allahu Akbar etc". It might have, that is Shaitan may
have entered and said these things, as happened with the calf of the
Isrealites, when the Prophet Musa (as) let Egypt and the people, after
crossing the red sea, had a desire to have a god that they could see,
so they made a golden calf which they began to worship. This calf was
saying "moo" like the calves do. This is what convinced them that this
was the real thing. We know it wasn't the calf saying this. The evil
jinn can enter the in to physical entities, make sounds and give these
impressions. So there is no problem for us to say ok, maybe when they
cut of Al Hallaj's head that it said these things, because this was
part of a test. If we are clear in terms of creator and creation, this
is no problem for us.

Allah is the creator and everything besides Him is His creation, which
He created from nothing. It is not Him, nor is He it. This is the pure
concept as taught by the Prophet (saaw), his companions, and the early
generations of righteous scholars, the students of the companions and
those who came after them. The best of generations. That is how they
understood this matter. There was no confusion in their minds. It
wasn't until islam spread to areas like Egypt, India and Persia, areas
where the Christians had already gotten into deep philosophies, trying
to explain how jesus was a man and god at the same time. When they
came in to islam they brought it with them. This is the reality. It is
not something we should necessarily condemn them for or feel is
unusual. It is natural, when a person reverts to islam, that they will
carry with them what they believed before. What has been clarified for
them, of the basic principles, they accept, and they reject things,
which obviously contradict. But it doesn't mean that every last
thought that they have, and everything that was wrong in their
philosophies, ideology and concepts will be erased. They will carry
these things in with them. This is why in the later part of the
Prophet's (saaw) life, prior to his death, when he was coming back
from one of the battles, his companions asked him to set aside a tree
for them, that they could hang their weapons on, like the way the
pagans would hang their weapons on trees, believing that when they
hung the weapons, it became super-powerful, as if some power was
coming from the tree, that their shields would now block steel and
their swords would cut through the enemy. Some of the companions who
had newly accepted Islam, asked the Prophet (saaw) to designate one
for them, a special one, an Islamic one. They understood that what the
pagans had, this was wrong. These were the companions of the prophet
(saaw) and he had to clarify it for them. He said:

You are like the companions of Musa (as) who asked to have the calf

And he clarified for them that all of this is shirk and there is no
place for it in Islam. So if it could happen to some of the
companions, then we cannot blame the generations who have come after
them, who come into Islam and carry with them some of their old ideas.
What it is for us to do is to clarify.

So what we have in front of us then, is that Allah created this
universe out of nothing, and everything that is in it was created. For

"Allah created all things, and he is the agent, upon which, all things
depend. And Allah created you and whatever you do." (Surah 39, verse

This is the reality. This is stressed for us, in order for us to
realize that ultimately, all good, all evil, that takes place in the
world, only takes place by the permission of Allah. Therefore we
should not seek any other channels to protect ourselves from evil, or
to gather for ourselves good, as people commonly do today. They will
go to fortunetellers, this is big business today, all the magazines
have various forms of fortunetellers like dial a horoscope etc. in a
society that has lost touch with Allah, this is what is open to them.
Allah has stressed for us that no calamity will befall us except by
Allah's permission;

"Nothing is taking place in this world except by the permission of

And the prophet (saaw) further emphasized this principle by saying;

"If the whole of mankind gathered to do some thing to help us, they
could help in anything which Allah had not already written for us. And
if the whole of mankind gathered together to harm us, then they would
not be able to harm with anything which Allah had not already written
for us."

Therefore what is required of us is to depend on Allah, put our trust
in Allah. This is what we have to draw out of this attribute of Allah
being the creator. This creation exists because of that attribute. Its
practical significance to us lies in putting our trust in Allah.

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Anders created because it needed doing.
Just ask anyone in this group.
May his peace and blessings be bestowed upon us all
lest we stray into the realms of c, c++ and darkness.

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