can you say it please



Have you ever say this word!!!
Believe me if you say it,you will be one of the happiest people…
Indeed, the word will change your life.
It will make you another person.
It's an easy word. However, some can't do it……
Some say it like any word, so they don't have its great affect.
Some know it's true, but they don't do it. And some…….
So that, be careful please, say it by your heart and your mouth
The word is " Ash'hado an la elaha ella Allah, wa anna Mohammed rasool
The word means that '' I testify that there is none that has the
right to be worshipped except Allah, and I testify that Mohammed is
His Messenger''
You say it to embrace the Islam religion.
You say it to be one of our Islamic brothers…
The word is " Ash'hado an la elaha ella Allah ,wa anna Mohammed
resool Allah''

Can you say it aloud now?
Please do it. Bye
I'm here abo_ abdurahman@hotmail .com

David W. Hodgins

abolanah12 wrote:
I dont onderstand your hardware problem.

He just wants the following added to /etc/leafnode/filters ...

Regards, Dave Hodgins

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