Why is System.Data.DataRow.CheckColumn throwing an error randomly?


Chung Tsen

I've posted a message several days ago concerning random datagrid error
with paint override and BindingManagerBase. Earlier, I found a thread that
matches exactly what's been happening to me, but the original poster didn't
get much information though.

So I'd like to re-ask his question... found at


An error is thrown every once in a while when painting onto a datagrid..
It'd throw an error "Column 'Random' does not belong to table 'Table_A'"

The final call in the stack trace is ...

at System.Data.DataRow.CheckColumn(DataColumn column)

Any help would be appreciated!

Chung Tsen

Kurt Van den Abeele

I'm having the same problem for some time now.
It's not reproducable in any way, so very hard to debug.
If you have found any information on this, I am extremely interested!



Almost 10 years later and I'm having the same problem.
Does anybody found out a solution for this exception?

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