Why is definition version of manual download different from automa



Windows Defender says no new updates available.

Definition version is 1.23.4050.0 dates 11/15

For manual download, the definition version is 1.23.4116.0

Yesterday it was something different, but still higher than my current 4050.

Dave M


The usual automatic update pattern is that the Defender definition updates
are automatically pushed out weekly or bi-weekly through AU[WU/MU] and
that's what's reported to you using the internal update mechanism, however
the actual updates are more frequent from the Ms anti-malware staff as
announced on the Calendar of Updates as manual updates:
These are available for manual download and only manual download apart from
Defender's own automated or internal update process, for example by
visiting the Malware Protection Center/ Security Portal:

Another industry example of this is Norton's automated signature
distributions weekly, although their more current signatures are available
anytime manually by visiting Symantec's site (I've needed that exactly
twice myself.) There is nothing that prevents or forces anyone to use a
Defender manual update, it's your decision, but I think the prime intent
was to allow for special needs in the event of a serious Malware event like
a zero-day type infection, or by the logic given by Donna Buenaventura:

"Useful for users who are:
1. Stucked for old defs for some reasons e.g. problem with MU, WU in
downloading and installing the updates.
2. Want to deploy the signature update offline
3. Want to take advantage of the this cool service by MS to have new defs

Dial-up users might not like though for it is more than 3megs download.
They should wait for weekly updates instead that is pushed thru MU."


The manual download is always up-to-date and should always be relied upon.
The links posted by Engel [Professional Porn Watcher] is there to waste time
and bandwidth on these newsgroups. There is absolutely no need for that sort
of information because updates are automatic whenever MS decides to push them
out. I have never seen any problems with auto-updates!

The current version, at the time of writing is: Antispyware: v1.23.4151.0

Hope this helps.

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