Windows Defender daily update & Engine Update - June 26



NEW Definition Version: 1.19.2726.4
MD5 checksum EE408B1B4C2F0E56BB6658CDA8CD86E4

Windows Defender Version: 1.1.1505.0 - Vista
Windows Defender version: 1.1.1593.0 - XP
Engine Version: 1.1.2701.0 <-- you'll have this if you'll install the defs

The above NEW Definitions is available for *manual* installation
at (32-bit & 64-bit)
or (32-bit, 64-bit or Itanium-based of

Install only if you want to take advantage of new defs or if you want to be
current on definitions. Do not install if you prefer the weekly updates
pushed thru the program's updater, MU or WU.


Your subject line says "& Engine Update"

Yet your info gives the Engine Version number as:
Engine Version: 1.1.2701.0

But you last post from June 22nd gives that "& Engine Update" as:
NEW Engine Version: 1.1.2701.0

This is confusing.

As all the "Daily" manual updates include the Full Engine did you really
mean to call this an "& Engine Update". Is in fact a newer Engine than the
22nd and merely a typo (1.1.2701.0 should be a higher number), In which case
those of us who don't manually update are now 2 version number behind, or is
it in fact the same Engine as the 22nd (which has not yet been "pushed" by
MS) but with newer Defs and your calling it "& Engine Update" for those
people who do not did not manually download between the 22nd and today?

Or is there in fact another possible reason/logic which I'm missing?

I am confused,
not that there's anything unusual about that :)

Geek w/o Portfolio


Hi Tim,
It is an engine update if user will get the defs manually. Not everyone
here has the same version of engne because not all is getting the updates
manually. I figured it's best to add it in the title so those who decides to
get the update will be able to check/confirm that they has the same and newer
engine update that is not pushed yet.

If a user has the said engine version already, they need not to do anything
nor be confused since it's already installed. What is confusing IMHO is if
the version # is different after they've manually download and install the
update :)

It is also why I did not put the word "NEW" for the engine version and I did
not write it on top of the message where I usually post now the newer version

Hope this helps Tim.

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