Why is Add-In (.xla) Workbook Read Only when I try to save?


Ryan H

I have a workbook Quote Generator.xls and another workbook QG Add-In.xla that
contains lots of code to manipulate data in Quote Generator.xls. The Quote
Generator.xls workbook has a reference to QG Add-In that I setup in the VBE.
Both of these workbooks are on our network server. So what happens is when
the user opens Quote Generator.xls, QG Add-In opens but stays hidden.

What I do from time to time is update code in the QG Add-In whenever the
user finds a "bug". Sometimes when I go to save the QG Add-In in the Visual
Basic Editior (VBE) I get a message that pops up saying, "'QG Add-In.xla' is
Read Only. To save a copy, click OK, then give the workbook a new name in
the Save As dialog box." Why?

Is there anyway to save updates to the QG Add-In.xla workbook even though
Excel uses this workbook whenever Quote Generator.xls is opened? Hope this
makes sense.


Hi Ryan

You have to make the changes in the QG Add-In.XLS file and then, recreate
the XLA (using the Save As).


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