How does Excel Know Where a Referenced Add-In Wbk is Located


Ryan H

I have two workbooks. One workbook is an Add-In Workbook named "QG Add-In"
which contains all my code to manipulate data in the other workbork name
"Quote Generator", which by the way is a Read Only workbook. In the VBE,
under the Quote Generator I set a reference to the QG Add-In so I can access
all the code in it.

My question is this. When someone saves their copy of the Quote Generator
to a different folder on the server, how does Excel know where to look for
the Referenced "QG Add-In.xla" workbook? Sometimes when a sales person opens
their copy of the Quote Generator it takes about 1 minute to open the Add-In,
why? Is it because it is searching the network? Can I speed it up in some

Thanks in Advance,

Bernie Deitrick


Ideally, your QG Add-In.xla would essentially contain the workbook Quote Generator - template sheets
that it can copy into a new workbook, code, etc. and there should be no need for references or
separate workbooks.

If you want a separate workbook, require that both the xla and the template be stored in the same
folder, and use code in the xla to create a commandbar or ribbon button that the user can use to
open the template.

MS Excel MVP

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