Why does 'non-commercial use' appear after Small Business upgrade?



I've upgraded from MS Office Home & Student to MS Office Small Business, but
Excel and Powerpoint are still headed 'non-commercial use'. I don't want
this heading to appear as it looks unprofessional. I thought upgrading to
Small Business would remove this heading to Excel spreadsheets and Powerpoint
slides. Should it appear and if yes, how can the reference to
'non-commercial' be removed?




Hi Ablaze,

I don't know if the Microsoft system is the same, however, this sort of
problem is fairly prevalent with Autocad. The student version plot
stamp is virtually a virus. All you have to do is open a drawing that
was created in a student version and your completely legitimate Full Version
of Autocad will be infected.

The fix can only be supplied by Autodesk and only after a rigorous
verification process.

I imagine that Microsoft would work along similar lines. Your first
step would be to contact your reseller and/or Microsoft directly.


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