Why does changing a single letter causes the next letter to erase



When I encounter a misspelled word in the middle of a WORD document and
attempt to correct it, the new letter or word erases the next letter or word
that follows the correction. Example, correcting "spoll" to "spill" results
in "spil". Each subsequent sorrection eliminates the next letter or word.What
setting do I have wrong?



Herb Tyson [MVP]

You've toggled Overtype on. If you press the Insert key, you should see OVR
toggle between black (on) and gray (off) on the status bar (that's in Word
2003; in Word 2007, it displays as Insert and Overtype on the status bar).

If tapping the Insert key doesn't do anything, then try double-clicking OVR
in the status bar (in Word 2007, it requires only a single click) to toggle

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